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Ultra-wide field Retinal Imaging using our Optomap® Daytona

Our office utilizes cutting-edge technology to view the interior of your eyes. We search every year for any diseases or conditions of the eyes whether they can cause harm quickly or very slowly over time.

Many conditions of the eye have implications for the health of our body and neurological system. Our Optomap Daytona Retinal Scan offers an amazing view of nearly the entire retina without the aid of dilation drops, which can make the vision blurred and impact clarity for several hours. We use this valuable information to evaluate your eyes for any risk of retinal detachments, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, macular degeneration and many, many more sight-threatening conditions.

High Definition Optical Coherence Tomography using our Zeiss® HD-OCT

In the unfortunate event that you or your family member has been diagnosed with a sight-threatening condition, our doctors are able to utilize this amazing instrument called a Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT. The HD-OCT, in addition to visual examination of the eyes, can detect damage and progression of eye diseases and changes in your eye as small as a fraction of a millimeter in size. That is far more accurate than the human eye can resolve even under high magnification! This fantastic technology helps our doctors in the effort to manage retinal diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachments and countless more. Luckily, not every patient will need this technology in the care of their eyes through their lifetime. But the OCT allows our doctors to be even more precise in assessing critical changes in your eyes when determining the need for specialized care.

Automated Refraction with our Marco® TRS-5100 systems

Measuring your eyeglasses prescription has never been faster or more accurate than with our Marco TRS-5100 digital refractor. Using our automated phoropters, we can show you subtle changes in near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism using the speed of technology. The speed and clarity with which this instrument works will amaze you. With side-by-side comparison of lens choices for your best clarity and the ability to compare your current glasses with your newest prescription all with the push of a button.

Refractive/Corneal Analyzer with our Marco® OPD-III

Like your fingerprint, every eye is unique and fascinating, even comparing the eyes of the same patient. Our Marco OPD-III scan is a great way to showcase those individual variations and use them to your advantage when it comes to helping you see your best! This instrument measures several features of your vision to find the best contact lenses, monitor an eye condition (keratoconus, Pellucid, etc.) or help determine the proper refractive surgery for you (LASIK, PRK, SMILE, etc.). Most importantly, it allows the doctor to have an accurate starting point when determining your eye glasses prescription. The OPD-III also measures the shape of the cornea, which is the clear part of the eye, in two different ways: 1) overall curvature of the front of the eye and 2) a topographical map of the microscopic variations in the shape of your cornea (scars, thinning, bulging, etc).  This is a much more modern way of matching our patients with high-technology contact lenses and avoiding common problems that bother many people with sensitive eyes in the Central Valley.

Konan Medical® ColorDx CCT-HD

One of the most complex and amazingly beautiful functions of our vision is color perception. This intricate process involves trillions of photoreceptors in your eyes, millions of neurons carrying the signals to your brain  and even more billions of brain cells to decode the vast information of just the colors you see! Due to this complexity, many conditions of the eyes, nervous system and brain will affect your color perception, mostly in very subtle ways which are undetectable in normal life. The ColorDx uses a very simple process to measure the quality of color perception using an easy four button response pad and find potential damage to your visual system from retinal, macular, or optic nerve trauma. These conditions include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, toxic medical therapies and even common medications taken by millions of Americans every day.

Even normal eyes often have color deficiency, in fact nearly 8% of males are born with color deficiency of one type or another. That is 1 in 12 males! These variations of color perception are create the need for color vision testing for law enforcement, military service, pilots and many trades and vocations to allow for safety and accuracy of judgement on the job. Our office provides certified and accurate testing to satisfy those requirements and provides a detailed report summarizing your color vision which is accepted by agencies, both public and private. Schedule your Konan ColorDx testing today for the most accurate, yet easiest, measure of your colorful world.

iCare® Tonometer for quick & easy measurement of eye pressure

Many conditions of the eye, including glaucoma can affect the pressure inside of your eyes. This pressure when elevated or fluctuating can cause damage to many parts of the eye’s interior. All eye doctors keep track of your eyes intra-ocular pressure (IOP) at nearly every visit. Our office is proud to offer the use of the iCare tonometer. There is no puff of air to startle you and no sticky yellow drops necessary to measure your IOP with this device. There is a small plastic probe that lightly taps the surface of your tear film for a fraction of a second allowing for quick and painless measurement of IOP. It is amazingly fast and comfortable to achieve the important measurements we need to assess your risk for an eye disease.

Visionix® Vx40 lensmeter

You may not see this instrument during your visit to our office, but it plays a huge part in analyzing the precision and accuracy of the eyewear crafted by our lab. The Visionix vx40 verifies the exact optical powers and designs of the lenses in your eyewear. Thus ensuring an accurate and precise prescription to provide your best vision. Our staff measure the microscopic details of your lenses to ensure a perfect match of your visual needs to the eyewear you hold in your hands. Many people are unaware of the amazing technology of modern eyewear, we use custom digitally surfaced lenses for both single-vision, bifocal and progressive designs. Every single prescription will dictate different curves and shapes within your lenses, the overall size of the usable part of your lenses, as well as the amount of lens area dedicated to each activity in your visual world.

The bottomline is: not all glasses are crafted with the same quality and accuracy. With the availability of poor quality eyewear at many outlets, both online and next to the photo lab at a big box store, it is easy to be fooled into compromising your vision. Our office only uses high technology lenses of the best quality, backed by a warranty and our service guarantee. Don’t be tricked by claims of dirt cheap prices and multiple pair deals. Your vision is much too important to gamble on low-quality and outdated technology and materials. The quality of your eyewear impacts EVERYTHING you see, EVERY DAY!